Roseanne Carrara writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction. She is the author of A Newer Wilderness, poems (Insomniac, 2007). A graduate of the doctoral program in English at the University of Toronto, she lives in Toronto with her husband, Blaise Moritz, her two children, Beatrice and Tobias, and their parti-coloured Miniature Schnauzer, Elvis.

This Summer of Funner site is a seasonal journal. You can also check out The Lunchbox Season to see what the family is doing between September and June. Roseanne’s professional writing site is  In Defense of Burning.

You can contact Roseanne via email at roseye@rogers.com.
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Summer of Funner: About : The Lunchbox Season : In Defense of Burning: Afire : Books Burnt : Fresh Coals : Hot Type : Warm Hands

One response to “ABOUT”

  1. Peggy Aulino says :

    Every parent should read this inspiring blog.

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