DIY Skylanders Giants Birthday Party Invitations


Someone’s Summer Birthday is coming up, and we made him birthday invitations similar to the ones below to hand out to his buddies before school ended.

Here’s how we did it…You can, too!!

DIY Skylanders Giants Birthday Party Invitations

Computer & [Colour] Printer
4×6 photo paper, matte or glossy
Permanent Marker or Envelopes


  1. Use a webrowser such as google to search for “Skylanders Poster” images.
  2. Copy the image file or take a screen shot of the image.
  3. Load the image to a free online photo editor such as ipiccy or fotoflexer. [We used ipiccy]
  4. Using the editor’s paint tools [on ipiccy, this is the “Painter” tab], create a black oval shape in the center of your image or wherever you want your text to appear.
  5. Using the editor’s text tools [on ipiccy, this is under the “Blender” tab], add brightly coloured text to convey your invitation and all of the details such as date, time, place and rsvp. [We used the “Fontdiner” font for the larger text and the “Swagger” font for the details of the invite.]
  6. Save the image to your computer.
  7. Print the image using a “borderless” printing option on 4×6 photo paper, 1 per guest.
  8. Use a permanent marker to write the invitees’ names on the backs of the photo pages OR Place the photo invites in envelopes and address them.

THE METHOD IN PICTURES – feel free to cut and paste

Step 4

Steps 5-7

 The Finished Photo Invites

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