Clay-Dough aka Canada Day

July 1, 2011

Canada Day was all about innovating with clay and dough, making do with the less-than-perfect art supplies we had on hand and making an even more spectacular affair out of the national holiday.

Making Do…On Friday morning, the kids ripped into the packages of modeling clay we had purchased at the dollar store. They were surprised (though, I wasn’t) to find that the long cylinders of clay were practically rock solid. Still, they championed through, determined to make the animals they had been intent on making since they selected the packages the day before. They did well with their father’s old brayer and the safety knives they use for cutting meat at family dinners.  

Cookieworks! For the first time since they were born, we took the kids down to see the Canada Day fireworks on the East Beaches. I was nervous about the crowds I had seen earlier in the day when I walked down to Queen Street to go to the butcher’s.  But our friends had good instincts. The far east end of the boardwalk was nearly empty. So we spread out on blankets with our friends and families and watched the sky light up. The kids were thrilled. The walk home, though, at that late hour,

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