ARCHIVES: 2011 & 2012


Ten Weeks: What are we doing here?

Brainstorming the Calendar: Spending a few hours organizing your summer can make for a Summer of Funner. Tips for how to plan the weeks ahead.

Yesterday Books: Helping kids design and decorate the cover-art for a journal they can draw and write in all summer long.

Clay-dough aka Canada Day: Simply clay crafts and a post-fireworks movie party.

Strawberry Day: Painting with strawberries as our brushes, baking strawberry hand-pies, making strawberry jam.

Mustard Tastings and Turtle Talk: A visit to the Evergreen Brickworks delivers inspiration for more summer projects.

Pomme Day: Making prints with potato stamps, apple sun-tea, and apple-and-candy robots.

Sketch Day at the AGO: What happens when you bring your own paper and coloured pencils to the Art Gallery.

Chocolate Day: Baking chocolate donuts, making chocolate lollipops and lootbag animals.

Sketching (Again) at the ROM: Bringing our sketchbooks back downtown to investigate ancient civilizations and canadian wildlife.

Pizza Day: Painting colour-wheels, grilling pizzas, and practicing fractions.

“Save the Riverdale Farm” Sketches: Sketching farm animals and learning about local politics.

Marshmallow Day: Making marshmallows at home, building tooth-pick and marshmallow structures,  and having a backyard party: ‘smores on the grill.

Just a Bit of News: An update on this journal and plans for the future.

The Day in Condiments:  A special day of home-canning with the kids. Making pickles, mustards, relish, and spiced blueberry port jam.

Library Day: T-shirts and a Rob Ford Protest Song: Making “I Love My Library” t-shirts and writing the lyrics of a song to protest our mayor’s attempts to cut city services.

Crazy Fruit Day: Playing the Name-That-Crazy-Fruit game, blind-tastings, making a still-life drawing and painting of our exotic fruits, gathering herbs from our garden and canning up a special lemon balm and verbena jelly.

Protest Posters Inspired by Ghosts of Gone Birds: Inspired by the artists of Ghosts of Gone Birds, we made posters protesting our mayor’s proposed cuts to city services.

Postcards from the Falls: A chronicle of our vacation to Niagara Falls with our two favourite aunts.

Egg Day: Science experiments with eggs including: floating eggs in salt water, passing boiled eggs through the mouth of a bottle, and building a vessel to drop a raw egg safely from a second-story window. We also make egg-carton owl puppets, egg self-portraits, and a Chocolate Souffle.

Hands for Jack: Hand-print paintings in memory of New Democrat Jack Layton.

Egg Update: What happened to that egg we bottled in vinegar 3 days ago…

Jelly and Ice Cream Day Sumac Jelly turns into Chai-Tea Jelly, Tin Roof Ice Cream goes Chocolate Chocolate Peanut.

Comic Strip Days How to make a comic strip. A long-weekend workshop that takes the kids from inspiration to full colour print.

Why We’re Not Taking Stock of our Summer of Funner: Our reasons for looking forward instead of behind.

Follow, Follow, Follow…:  See you next summer. In the meantime, look for us over at The Lunchbox Season.


Soap Day: Making Toy and Candy-Mold Soaps: We make glycerin soaps with embedded toys and animal soaps in candy molds. DIY

Our First Paella, With a Recipe for the Next: Our first paella on the grill! We test out our pan and provide a revised recipe for our next try!  RECIPE

Camp Snacks: Soft Lemon-Glazed Gingerbread Cookies and Cookie-Pops: Snacks to send to camp. RECIPE

Yesterday Books with Pop-Art Animal Olympians: The kids use a pop art technique to decorate the front covers of this summer’s Yesterday Books. DIY

Kids’ Movie Reviews: A printable movie review sheet for drafting movie reviews geared towards the little ones. PRINTABLE

Macarons!: We make our first French Macarons! Chocolate Macarons with Nutella filling and Colourful Macarons with Jam filling. PRINTABLE RECIPE

Olympian Self-Sufficiency: The Kids Make Supper by Themselves
: The kids make Artisan Bread and Super-Easy Kid-Friendly Salmon (almost) all by themselves. PRINTABLE RECIPE

Skylanders Portal of Power Birthday Cake: We make a Skylanders themed birthday cake for Tobes and provide printable templates for banners and the “eight elements.” DIY, RECIPES, PRINTABLES

Outdoor Mural Phase One: Sketching from our Favourite Artists: The kids look at books of favourite artists and make sketches in preparation for a summer mural project for our backyard.

Relish, Pickle, Replenish: It’s Cucumber Day: We set our sights on canning our favourite cucumber condiments from last summer with revised, more flexible recipes. RECIPES

Summer Activism 101: The Kids Investigate the Mega-Quarry: We investigate the issues surrounding the Mega-Quarry and discuss what can be done about it.

Glam Cans 2012: Kid-Designed Canning Labels DIY:  The kids create abstract art to use as the background for canning labels. How to create canning labels using scanned art, free photo editing software, and labels or sticker sheets. DIY, PRINTABLE

The Kids Make Street Eats (with Beer!): Pilsner Pretzels & Hops and Robbers Mustard: We make our own pretzles and mustard for dipping using Ontario beers. RECIPES.

Mad Scientist Day 2012: Ten Sweet Experiments:  The kids perform 10 fun tricks and experiments with candy and other things around the house. DIY. PARTY IDEAS.

The Imaginary Beasts of Riverdale Farm: The kids draw imaginary animals based on the real farm friends downtown. The next step will be to write stories about them!

A Movable Mural:  Over the course of a single weekend, we complete our movable outdoor mural project.  With a DIY for how you can complete one too! DIY.

Peach Day: Amaretto Peach Jam, Brown Sugar Vanilla Peach Jam and Giant Peach Butter: Recipes for our Amaretto Peach Jam, Brown Sugar Vanilla Peach Jam, and Peach Butter! RECIPES.

Summer of Funner 2012 Film Festival: A list of our “colourful” movies of 2012. With Six Tips and Tricks for Hosting a Great Family Film Festival of your own.  Movie Review Worksheet included once again. DIY. PRINTABLES.
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